"My family could not be more complete. It feels as everything I have been through has led up to this."

Behind the Vines - Jill H. O’Bones

I read an ARC

The story was intriguing and I enjoyed it greatly. While the concept is not new, it was a refreshing change. While Lisa takes Thomas back to his mother's grave, she finds a journal and in it is the most amazing story. One can't determine if it is all in Elizabeth's mind or if it really happened. The story itself is about self discovery and life. Elizabeth is given a terrible set of circumstances and through learning about herself and becoming who she was meant to be, she finds that life has a way of being perfect all on it's own. Lisa also learns a thing or two, even if you only get a few moments with her. I fell in love with the characters and the world. I hope that Grom finds his special someone and that Thomas returns to his family someday!