"This time, the changes came almost too quickly to bear, my Shift fueled by an intense need...To unleash justice on men so like the ones who'd brought a violent end to my adolescence, robbing me of peace and security for years afterward."

Hunt: A Shifters Short Story - Rachel Vincent

Great introduction to the new Wildcats series. It is a quick read that sets up the first book, but is a complete story. We met Abby a long time ago in Stray and know Abby has been through a lot. However, as strong as she's become, there is no preparing her for the ordeal a simple fun camping trip turns into. She defies her Alpha, Jace, to prove that she is will no longer be a victim. Nor will she let others suffer like she did not so long ago. Abby proves she more than just a tabby, but that she can be as fierce as Faythe. I can't wait to read Lion's Share and see how the events set up in Hunt play out.