"So this won't make sense to you. But for me, it's like we've already been friends for a long time, Beau. The first second you became part of Edythe's life, for me it was like we'd already spent hundreds of hours together."

Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined - Stephenie Meyer

Okay, I had small issues throughout most of it. First, it was the same story, not that I expected to be really different, but I guess I expected more. Especially because it supposed to be a "reimagining". Second, the names changed, the bodies were the same. Thus, it very difficult to picture Beau and Edythe or any other characters because all I saw was those creepy gendered photos, where the male's features are superimposed over the female's body and visa versa. The ending did throw me a twist and since I have always wondered about that, it made me happier with the book. Also, I think Charlie and Renee should have been gender swapped too. Even though Stephenie makes a strong case for why she didn't, there was something wrong when imagining Charlie hanging out with Bonnie and Holly. Not to mention it would have been awesome for Chief Swan to be a woman in this alternate Forks.