"She had employed a Circle of Healing to destroy the undead, and in the process serverely harmed herself. It could only mean one thing."

The Doom Guardian - Julie Ann Dawson, Faith Carroll

An entertaining story filled with lots of action. It is easy to read and very engaging, I love the characters. The story has everything from vampires and demons to dwarfs, elves, and gods. The author seems to take a wide variety of interests and create a well thought out story. I was a little annoyed with the way it was broken up into sections, they really didn't need to be there, but at the end it was clear that the sections were more for setting purposes than anything else. The only other problem is that it ends without an actual end to the quest that is the premise of the book. It ends "to be continued" and the knowledge that the next book won't be out until 2012!

I look forward to reading more from Julie Ann Dawson.

Note: This book was received through First Reads giveaway!