“She understood his passion because she felt the same way: as if nothing was more important than the touch of her skin to his, as if she'd die if he left her.”

Cry Wolf - Patricia Briggs

I love Patricia Briggs! She gives you more insight into the world of her werewolves and especially Bran, the Marrok, and his family. Love this series as much as Mercy's. I can only hope that there will more than two books.

While this book is set in the same world as Mercy Thompson, it deals with Charles, Bran's other son. When he was sent to Chicago, in Moon Call, he met Anna, the rare Omega wolf. Charles declares Anna his mate and takes her back to Bran and Montana. Like the Mercy books, Cry Wolf is full of action and learning about dangers other than the ones you already know about and are ready to deal with. Anna and Charles go on an interesting journey that ultimately leads them to each other.