“My grandfather would have loved to have met you,' Charles told her huskily. 'He would have called you 'She Moves Trees Out of His Path."

Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs

I really enjoyed it. Anna and Charles go to Seattle on pack business and end up in a very action packed and exciting situation. This book has it all Vampires, Werewolves, a white witch and of course the fae and any Patricia Briggs fan knows that spells lots of trouble.

There are some great new characters and I hope that we see more of them, but I don't know how it would work exactly as many of the characters are European Werewolves. My favorite would be Ric only because he is very special and like Anna very knew to the werewolf life. He is a minor character and is only important in that he is Anna's friend.

I was very excited to learn that a third book is due out next year, 2011...Yeah! I truely hope that the Alpha and Omega series continues because it is just as great and spellbinding as the Mercy Thompson series.