“Listen carefully, Lucas Steele, because I will only say this once. I am NOT your mate, I will never be your mate, and if you ever put your hands on me again I will cut them off along with other body parts you might want to use one day. Got it?"

Prince of Wolves  - Quinn Loftis

I enjoyed it. I liked the premise and found it funny. Since I use sarcasm a lot, I could relate to Jacque and her friends. I agree that at times it was a little much, but I think in dealing with stress sometimes we all overuse defense mechanisms, sarcasm being Jacque's favorite. Jacque is a typical teenage girl, getting the scoop on the new exchange student, Fane, when everything changes in a flash. In many ways it was a simple story about love. There is the love Jacque, Sally, and Jen share as best friends and support system. Lilly's love and need to protect her daughter. And most importantly, the love between soul mates. I will be continuing on because I think the series has great potential. I'm interested in seeing just how Fane's and Jacques's life together ends up.