“Music has always been the greatest expression of mortal philosophy," continued Lucky. "The path to enlightenment is found in the lyrics of Spinal Tap.”

Divine Misfortune - A. Lee Martinez

I actually give this book 3.5 stars!

This was a really enjoyable story. It was funny. I liked the premise and found the characters fun and enduring. Quick is my favorite character, even though he is a minor character. He's the wise old guy that everyone should listen to but nobody does. Phil and Teri are great and their relationship has a genuine quality to it. I found Lucky to be both likable and disdainful, I guess that makes him a good god. The whole book centers on a love feud and revenge between two gods and a goddess and the poor mortals that get sucked into this feud by merely having lack of information, but what can you expect from an online service and deities.