“If you live in the dark long enough, you start to forget what light looks like.”

Shadow Bound - Rachel Vincent

Kori was a minor character in Blood Bound and we don't learn much about her. Lucky for us, Shadow Bound is Kori's story and I loved it. Kori is fighting for herself, but more importantly her sister. There is nothing she won't do to keep Kenley safe. Ian is desperately trying to undo a binding that will take the only family he has left. There's nothing he wouldn't do. Until he asks for Kenley and gets Kori. What are they willing to do for each other? Kori makes Ian work for everything and Ian is fascinated by the woman before him. The more they learn about each other the more they have to loose and Jake Tower is waiting to capitalize on it...but Ian has a plan and he's not leaving without Kori! Great book, full of action. We even get a visit from a few old friends.