"You grew up in a falsely beautiful paradise surrounded by fragile glass walls, my daughter. Your mother created the world she wanted to live in and she brought you up in it, but she never told you it was an illusion."

City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare

I enjoyed the plot and storyline in this installment very much. I did have a little difficulty with the "feelings" between Jace and Clary, but was rather pleased with how it was handled. I thought the final twist in this one was very exciting. I can't help but wonder about Jace and his mysterious scar and what his actual powers are. Also, I'm glad in the twist in Simon and our new friend Maia. I hope it leads Simon away from heartbreak. Mostly, I loved Clary and Magnus. Magnus seems more invested than he should be. Clary has an awesome power that can only make her highly coveted by both the Clave and Valentine.