"When you don’t have much family left, you’ll do anything to protect what you have.”

School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

Enjoyed this book immensely. Izzy is a interesting character. She has lost her way and needs an easy distraction. As a Brannick, that means a simple haunting at a normal Mississippi high school. But soon Izzy meets Dex and Romy and things become way more complicated. Friendship is a powerful thing and something Brannicks can't afford, but like many others Izzy learns something about herself and her family. It gives you an interesting twist, but it was pretty easy to spot and figure out. While it appears to by a Hex Hall novel, similar covers, and I was expecting a visit to the school or with Sophie, neither make an appearance. Overall, high entertaining and fun read. Hex Hall fans will enjoy this spinoff and the look at Sophie's Brannick family.