"That sometimes you have to do the job you don't want to, because you're the only one who can, or the only one you can trust to do it right, to the best of your ability."

Alien Diplomacy - Gini Koch

Great book. I love Kitty and as the series progresses I find myself more in love with the series and surprised by it. Kitty, Jeff, and all the others are faced with some interesting situations now that they have different jobs. While trying to adjust to the changes in their life...the psychos and megalomaniacs just won't rest and it leads to a delightful mystery, contain clues so weird that even Kitty can't figure them out. This one was so well thought out that I couldn't make sense of anything and made the discovers right before Kitty did. I love that we got to see a return of "Rick and Kathy" because Kitty and Richard need to kick a little ass every once in a while. A few new friends added, namely Olga and Adriana, some old friends came back and become permanent fixtures to the team, and several new psychos, with connections to the old ones, turn up. This series keeps getting better and better, I can only begin to imagine the new adventure of Kitty will face.