"Because I can't afford it, that's why! I don't have any money! And you all keep asking me to take time off from my job to do stuff for you! I can't! I can't do it anymore!' I shrieked. 'I quit!"

Club Dead  - Charlaine Harris I actually read this one out of order by accident. This was a great story and I was surprised that it wasn't dependent of the book before it. I must say that I really liked the new characters in this one, especially Alcide. He just might be better for Sookie than Bill, but Sam's still in the running! This one had it all, mystery, betrayal, and good old Bill was at the heart of it all. I don't know if Sookie will ever be the same after a visit to Mississippi and Club Dead, but it will be interesting to see where she finally ends up. Great book and I can't wait for more Sookie!