"Even though they'd been rushed and stressed while making it, Alfie realized that they'd also had a lot of fun working together."

Paris! #2 (Recipe for Adventure) - Giada De Laurentiis

Really cute story. Extremely quick read and good for a lazy afternoon family read. Alfie and his sister, Emilia, get transported to Paris, after drinking some of Zia Donatella's hot chocolate. They don't know how it happens but they end up far away from home and need to figure out how. It turns out that before they can go home Alfie has something important to learn. Through some new friends and a youth cooking school, Alfie finally understands what it means to be on a team. It is similar to Magic Tree House in that the main characters, a brother and sister, travel to new places and must learn something before transporting back home. The magic in this series comes from the cuisine and the extra special magic put into the dish. Very sad that I missed the first book, but extremely happy to share this with my kids. Will defiantly be looking for more in this series.