"He just wanted to be there for her tonight. The need to protect and soothe her was almost overwhelming."

His Untamed Desire: A Moon Shifter Novella (A Penguin Special from Signet Eclipse) - Katie Reus

I was so thankful I read this before Avenger's Heat. It was a really quick novella that sets up the whole mystery for Avenger's Heat. In a way to get over a rejection, Daphne puts herself on display for Hector. She doesn't understand that Hector only rejected her so she would follow her dreams. Now that she's back he will never let her leave him again. I loved Hector! He's the type of "cat" I'd like having around. It was a little weird for me to get the mating of Daphne and Hector, but I think sometimes nature has it's own plans. I can only imagine the life those two will have. It ended with the tragic kidnapping of Hector's baby sister and Daphne's best friend and Erin and Noah on their way to investigate the disappearances!