"I am selfish. I am brave."

Divergent  - Veronica Roth

This was an awesome story! I got sucked in so quickly that before I knew it, I'd finished. Tris' story is one of courage and strength, while still being vulnerable. I can't believe some of the twists in this story. It was action packed and full of danger. I really love Four!!!!! He is scary and charming all mixed together. I was surprised by the strength of both her mother and her father. I think Tris' choices make more sense once you understand her parents. They are more than their faction and so is Tris. She's not Abnegation or Dauntless, she's so much more, she's Divergent and once she learns what that is she'll finally know who she is! This was a wonderful book and I only wish I would have read it years ago.