"Per our enemies and the C.I.A., I exhibit extreme random tendencies."

Alien vs. Alien - Gini Koch

This was a terrific book! Kitty went through a lot in this book. For the most part she was on her own because no one could tell her anything. For whatever reason, the bad guys wanted Kitty cut off from Jeff, Christopher, Chuckie, Alpha Team, and everyone else important to her. So her think tank became Richard, Malcolm, Len, Kyle, MJO, Olga, Adriana, and the very unlikely Senator Armstrong. Of course, Kitty collected a few more very helpful allies. It took Kitty a little longer than normal to piece it all together, but once she does watch out bad guys! We get to meet a new  Alien race, which isn't new to Earth and we get cool new pets from Alpha Four! I was not expecting half of what happened. It was full of the usual humor and action. We even learn Chuckie's contingency plan and meet some very interesting people. Great addition to the series can't wait for more from Kitty, Jeff and all the megalomaniacs they still need to face!