"Whether she knew it or not, she'd created a bond that would not be easily broken."

Dancing With the Devil  - Keri Arthur

I absolutely loved this novel. Nikki is such a normal person, even though she's completely abnormal. That is to say, she is strong on the outside, puts on her big girl panties everyday and does what she needs to make it through each day. But inside, she's a little messed up. She has major trust issues, fears being used, and is scared to death of love. She's on a case and has a run in with evil, there really is no other way to describe Jasper, he is evil personified. She also meets Micheal. Micheal is everything she doesn't know she wants and actually needs. This story is filled with twists and while Nikki's action are predictable, she is also a great heroine. I wanted a HEA, but that wasn't in the cards for this one, but there is still hope because Nikki isn't quited done yet. Looking forward to continuing this series.